12k Training

In all the craziness of the final weeks of the quarter, I realized I am one month away from my first 12k, and I am not at all prepared.


I looked up some training tips to help get me ready for the race… They suggest running 7-10 miles on a regular basis. A 12k is roughly 7.5 miles. WHAT?!! I’m struggling to run three right now.

I’ve been trying this way of training called “fartlek” (Swedish for speed play) running.  Traditionally, it is used for trail running.  The way it would then work is you create variation in your running speed based on your environment.  For example, you pick a tree and you decide to sprint to that tree.  After you reach that tree you see a rock and decide to jog to that rock.  Then you see a log with some moss on it, and you decide to sprint to that log. You get the picture.

So my variation of that has been with music, since I am living in the city and there aren’t a whole lot of trails within a reasonable distance from my apartment.  I turn on pandora and I run to the first song, adjusting the speed of the treadmill so my feet will hit the ground on beat with the song.  When the next song comes on, I’ll adjust my speed to whatever that song’s beat is.  I don’t allow myself to skip songs; that’s the tricky part.  The really slow songs that I normally wouldn’t run to I actually run to at double-time, and that makes those songs death!  Before I start running, I set a goal number of songs to run through and I try to beat that.  Some days I do well, other days I can’t quite make it.  Plus, you never know how long your songs are going to be on any given day, so accepting defeat is essential.  Gotta listen to your body after all.

I never thought I’d say this, but I really look forward to my runs. I just don’t know how I can push myself to get more done.  I have a month to get as close to in-12k-shape as possible.  Anyone have any suggestions?


“Running is a sport that is fair and holds you accountable.  How you do on the day depends only on your performance.  You can’t blame the umpire, the opposition, your teammates – it’s just you.”


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