Back to the Gym


I finally am near the end of this crazy Winter Quarter.  On Tuesday, I gave my final presentation for biomechanics.  Might I mention that it required 12 extra hours in the lab and we slaved away for three weeks on it?! On Thursday, I attended my final class of the quarter for Athletic Injuries, turning in two cases studies, and turned in my final paper with the group of death for Sociology.  All that is left is one final exam and one paper for Athletic Injuries, then GOOD BYE Winter Quarter. I’m expecting decent grades… fingers crossed!

The downside is that I took a week off from my training, and I definitely felt the pain during my soccer games this past week. So on Saturday, I forced my lazy butt to get back into the gym. I made myself finish 35 minutes on the treadmill, but it required a bit of walking.

I started out with 6 mph and ran 15 minutes, then I walked for about a minute at 3.5 mph. I ran again for about 5 minutes, this time upping the speed to 6.5 mph. Walked at 4 mph for about a minute and a half. Ran again at 7.0 mph for about 3 minutes, walked 2 minutes at 3.9 mph. Then I finished up the 30 minutes with an 8.5 mph “sprint” (this is not my sprint speed when free running, I’m surprisingly faster, but it’s scary to go that fast on the treadmill). I did a 5 minute cool down walk at 4 mph.

But I decided that wasn’t enough, so I hit the stairmaster (see below). I challenged myself to do 15 minutes of the fat burner at level 8 – my usual, when I do the stairmaster at all, is 10 minutes, and not usually after running that long. So I did 5 minutes going straight at it, two minutes walking up sideways for each leg, then finished the last 6 minutes facing forward again. Man, were my legs jello.


The point is, I was feeling a little pissed at myself for not making time to get into the gym all week long, but I’m proud of myself for not shying away from the soreness. I’m back at it again today, gonna force myself to get another decent run in. I’m going for longevity for my 12k coming up, since I still can’t run 7 miles. I’ll be done with finals on Tuesday, so I’m hoping I can hit the gym a bit this week and work on making a good habit of it. I had a bad week, but I’m ready to make up for it this week! Advice is always welcome!